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Posted on June 21 2016

  1. Being that you both are sisters, has it been tough to work with family?

Chelsey – sometimes, but we try to spend time as sisters as much as possible. We frequent this rad place a TON, just to unwind & relax! Sometimes we will go just for dinner and a glass of wine, then come back home! I think remembering that you’re sisters first and business partners second… is key.


  1. Being born and raised in Orlando, what are some cool places that aren’t a ‘theme park’ that we can go while on vacation upcoming?

 Chelsey – I love to eat at cool places and drink great wine. Some of my favorite farm to table places would be this restaurant and this restaurant  and this restaurant! For wine, I really love this cool spot, especially if you like an eclectic feel! Can’t forget dessert - this place!


  1. What are your top 3 beauty products that you wear on a regular basis?

Chelsey – oh man, a tough one… 

  • I use this Foundation Primer before I apply my makeup and it’s only $36. I buy mine from Ulta, but they sell them here too!
  • I love this moisturizer and you can get it here for under $50. It’s super light weight and has SPF in it already!
  • A great lip color, that’s perfect for summer is this Chanel color and I wear it all the time! It’s probably one of my favorites & I re-buy it often!


  1. I am looking for some great jean shorts for summertime, but I can’t find ones that fit really great! Can you recommend anyplace in particular?

Chelsey – Finding the right kind of denim is hard for me. I have a tiny hinny and getting any kind of a pow is challenging at best! I just scored this pair and this pair – both under $30, last week and they are a perfect fit.  They are high wasted and have that festival look, that I like!


  1. How do you both keep your blonde hair looking blonde and not a brassy color over time?

Chelsey – We both use this toning shampoo, which was recommended from our hair colorist!! It’s an incredible product. I use it about once every week or two. It takes that yellow gold and brightens it right back up! HUGE fan!


  1. I am looking for a great summertime lipstick, but everything I find is sticky or doesn’t last – what is a good lip color, that you recommend?

Chelsey – I love this gloss from Chanel. It’s lightweight and super pretty. (Refer to #3 too)


  1. Where did you go to school and what did you study?

Chelsey – I went to the University of Central Florida & studied Business with a concentration in Marketing, which has been great for Never Naked!



If you have more questions for us, we would LOVE to hear them! Even though this one was only answered by Chelsey, more will follow with responses from us both!
Email us at and in the subject line put : #TalkingTuesdays



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