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Hi! Always Seven Boutique was launched as a way to start something new and creative; that would really allow me full creative freedom while giving me the opportunity to get into a world I have only dreamed about.  The name "Always Seven" comes from looking back at all the happy times in my life; the main one being my wedding date 7-27.  When my husband and I started thinking about all our happy moments, we noticed that 7's surrounded us everywhere; hence the name "Always Seven."  It certainly isn't easy to run a business, but with my husband's support and knowledge of how to budget (I definitely need help with that :) ), anything is possible.
We certainly don't have this all figured out, so if you have any feedback, a comment or an idea, please feel welcome to let us know at We hope you love the stylish and sophisticated pieces you see on our online boutique and can identify with something.  This roller coaster of life isn't only about what you have or what you wear, it's about going after the things in life that will give you fulfillment and make you happy.  We hope you will always chase your dreams, dare to push the 'norm', work hard and keep focused because you CAN do anything you set your mind to! 
Megan and Jonathan

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